Emergency / Exit Light Battery Supplier

Battery Hawk, LLC. is a Florida based company focused on the maintenance of LED Emergency and Exit Lights. We offer Ni-Cd Batteries, LED Exit Signs, LED Emergency Lights, and Emergency / Exit Light Combination units. There are many different brands of LED Emergency and Exit lights and each one requires a specific battery. It is recommended to replace the battery on an existing emergency / exit light every 3 - 5 years ensuring the exit sign or emergency light fixture is able to discharge a minimum of 90 minutes as per NFPA #101 (National Fire Protection Association) Life / Safety Code.

Fire / Life Safety Code NFPA #101

National Fire Protection Association # 101 Life Safety Code requires all emergency and exit lights to be clearly illuminating at all times. In the event of a power outage it is required for all emergency and exit lighting units be powered off a battery backup for a minimum of 90 minutes. 

NFPA # 101 mandates exit routes including stairs, aisles, corridors, and ramps all have emergency lighting.

Emergency lighting must emit at least 1 foot candle of light at any point in the building and 0.1 foot candle of light along the emergency path of exit at floor level.

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